Gary & Micki Kaisinger


Micki Kaisinger

Micki is a Certified Recovery Specialist with over 18 years in the addiction field. She serves as the Vice Chair of The Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission and volunteers with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrickā€™s Opioid Task Force, as well as BPAIR (Bensalem Police Assisting in Recovery), PRO-ACT (Pennsylvania Recovery Organization – Achieving Community Together), and Bucks County Crime Stoppers. Micki Kaisinger is also a member of the Family Services Center of Excellence Advisory Board and The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania Vision Team. Her extensive background and personal connection to the Drug and Alcohol Recovery field has allowed her to establish strong bonds between treatment centers, government resources, individuals, and the community. Micki Kaisinger maintains a level of integrity, balance, and diligence in her management of Emilie House, consistently keeping residents safety, care, and dignity at the forefront of her work.

Gary Kaisinger

Gary has 18 years of experience in the addiction field and possesses a strong background in business management. He has served on The Pennsylvania Certified Drug and Alcohol Recovery House Task Force, and is a current board member of Libertae Inc. and The FARM Team. He also volunteers with BPAIR (Bensalem Police Assisting in Recovery). Gary Kaisinger utilizes a hands-on approach to resident care and demonstrates a continuous willingness to go above and beyond his role in order to influence change and positively impact the lives of Emilie House residents. Gary Kaisinger maintains a community-focused mission and has designed the rules, regulations, and practices of Emilie House to guide residents into taking a positive role in their families, the recovery community, and society as a whole.

Samantha Kaisinger


Samantha Kaisinger is a Drug and Alcohol Recovery professional with a diverse range of professional, educational, and volunteer experiences that focus on business, management, communication, addiction treatment, and criminal justice. She holds a Recovery Specialist Certification and has extensive experience in community organizing, focused on connecting professionals and officials with community members in order to combat the current addiction epidemic. Her background and firsthand experiences have allowed her to build a network of caring professionals that work together to optimize resources in order to provide high quality resident care.