We are Emilie House

A family-owned and operated sober living and recovery home business located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


Built on passion and dedication

Our commitment is exemplified in our mission:
“To provide safe, supportive, and affordable housing to individuals affected by chemical dependency disorders in order that they may achieve a better quality of life.”

United Against Addiction

Owners Gary and Micki Kaisinger founded Emilie House in 2000 after recognizing a community need for quality sober housing options that provided a safe, clean, and comfortable atmosphere for residents.

Setting the Standard

Gary and Micki Kaisinger truly believe in helping individuals in recovery and they maintain a strict focus on this goal through their practices.

In addition to maintaining the pristine cleanliness and physical quality of their facilities, they also take a hands-on approach to client care. They have solely dedicated their lives to the Emilie House mission, “to provide safe supportive and affordable housing to individuals affected by chemical dependency disorders in order that they may achieve a better quality of life.” Their primary focus on this goal allows them to supervise, support and assists residents daily. The Emilie House owners pride themselves on their ability to be genuinely involved in the recovery of their clients and connect them with resources and sources of continuing treatment.

The Emilie House staff accomplishes their recovery-focused mission through dedicated and involved management that allows for direct and individualized resident support. Residents are required to follow strict requirements while living in Emilie House, including following all rules and regulations, adhering to an orientation period, attending 12 Step meetings, completing chores, and following a regulated routine. These requirements are designed to help residents break negative patterns and enter back into a more positive and productive lifestyle. The owners, general manager, and house managers all work in accordance to ensure that all residents are fulfilling their responsibilities. This structure allows residents to receive an optimal level of support that leads them towards a better life through caring and respectful guidance that helps to restore their self worth and confidence.

Committed to Recovery

Emilie House exemplifies a true commitment to recovery, and Gary and Micki serve in a number of professional positions in order to advocate for improved treatment and support effective services.

Whenever assistance is needed within the recovery community, Emilie House strives to help in any way possible. Emilie House remains focused, first and foremost, on the needs of their clients. They put the success of their residents before everything. Our team cites the greatest reward of their work as seeing residents maintaining sobriety and families rebuilt. We love witnessing residents go forward to start businesses, receive college degrees, and lead happy and productive lives. We feel that nothing is more satisfactory than the life-long friendships that we have made through our work and the appreciation we receive from former residents and their families.

Emilie Houses remains committed to community. They push their residents to volunteer, help neighbors and become involved in local organizations. They keep their homes safe and presentable in order to have a positive influence on the surrounding community.

The Emilie House mission extends well-beyond the scope of their business. They aim to set the standard for recovery houses. They continuously advocate for restrictions and guidelines in order to assure that all individuals entering recovery, that choose to live in recovery houses are met with safe, high-quality facilities.

Meet Our Team

With vast experience in sober housing and the addiction treatment field, our team is ready to help you embrace lasting sobriety.

Gary & Micki Kaisinger


Samantha Kaisinger


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