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Quality sober housing options that provide a safe, clean and comfortable atmosphere for residents.


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A Positive, Recovery-Focused Mentality

Direct, individualized support and caring and respectful guidance restores confidence and leads residents toward a better life.


Owners Gary and Micki Kaisinger formed Emilie House in 2000 and work tirelessly to maintain a positive, recovery-focused mentality within their homes.

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Focused on the needs of our clients, Emilie House advocates for improved treatment and effective addiction support services throughout Pennsylvania.

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High-quality facilities support our hands-on approach to a safe and supportive structured living and client care that maximizes the ability to maintain sobriety.

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  • “I want to let you know how thankful I am to have met you both. You not only provided me with a clean, healthy environment to recover in, but a way of living beyond any I could have ever imagined. You allow friendships to form and grow into something beautiful. You helped to instill the confidence and responsibility that it takes to become a man, something I ran from all my life. For these things, I will always be truly grateful!”
    Eddie H.
  • “It is very difficult to find the words to make both of you realize what you have done for my family, friends, and best of all, me! There are thousands of reasons why, in two days, I will have a year of sobriety under my belt. Not only have the both of you provided the best environment, an amazing roof over my head, but it all comes down to the way both of you actually care. My parents thank you for giving them their son back. I thank you for helping me save my life!”
    Pat D.
  • “I would just like to thank you for all of the help you have given me in the last 5 months. You have really shown me the right way to live a sober life. It's a great feeling to have someone help you and have faith in you. Once again, thanks for everything!”
    Drew S.
  • “I just wanted to send a thank you for all that the two of you had done and for helping me and Ron with all that we stumbled on. It just amazes me when people care enough. I would just like to express my appreciation. So, thanks again and God bless you for your kindness. I know he will!”
    Tracy J.
  • “My experience at Emilie house has been great. It is the main reason I am still sober and want to stay sober. It's very structured and builds my experience with being a responsible adult. Because of Emilie house I love to go to meetings and it feels great to be in recovery!”
    Justin P.
  • “Just wanted to say thank you for your care and concern. I think I would not be alive today if not for your thoughtfulness towards me. Thank you always! ”
    Jack M.

Affordable Care, Individualized Support

Move out of addiction, rediscover your purpose, and stay in recovery by joining the Emilie House community.

Sober Living

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  • Live-in Management
  • Pristine Facilities
  • Employment Support Services
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Licensed Staff

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