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Dear Micki & Gary,

     Thank you so much for everything. I can honestly tell you I moved in here thinking I would try it for a month because well, what the hell else was I gonna do, go back home and drink? For the first month or so I referred to this place as where I was living for the time being. This became my home. I hate admitting I was broken because I hadn’t seemed like I really hit bottom. I still had a place to go and a misdemeanor on my record. But I was hopeless and pretty low in the faith department. It’s just like people say it should be when you’re leaving. I don’t want to. I love it here. Living here helped to restore my faith and hope in life, in other people, and probably most importantly myself. I started looking at things one day at a time. I try to not be so hard on myself or others. I try my best to work a solid program and to be a little bit of a better person than I was the day before. Thanks for helping me get my lfe back! PS If you ever need rides for new girls don’t forget my number! I’ll help!


Dear Micki & Gary,

     I want to write to you to thank you for all that you do. Living in Emilie house saved my life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have been able to begin my journey in recovery there. Emilie house was one of the best experiences of my life. Living there provided me with a safe environment of women who kept me accountable. I formed relationships with women that will be life long. I could not have a better place to build a foundation of recovery. I came from a dark place of hopelessness and despair which I thought I could never escape. Living in Emilie house made me see the light. I would not be where I am today with out you guys. Today I celebrate 9 months of recovery and counting. I am the happiest. I have been in a long time.This is the longest I have ever been sober from drugs and alcohol and I could not have done it without your help. Emilie house taught me how live again and for that I am forever grateful.

Casey C.

Dear Gary and Micki,

     First I'd like to thank the God of my understanding for another day clean and sober. My name is Caroline, I am a current resident at Emilie House. I can not express how grateful I am for my stay. The structure and the presence of recovery in the home are spot on. It's just what I need for my recovery and to get me away from my past. They say geographical cures don't help but I absolutely needed to get away from my hometown. It was a toxic environment for me and my family to be living in together, so as a woman in recovery I removed myself and made the larger choice to save my life. It was bad out there to say the least. I was living a life where I couldn't stand to be alive another day. I woke up each and every day begging God; a God I thought I understood, to take me out of my misery. I never quite grasped the thought of faith; however, today I pray to a new God. A God I understand and He who understands me. I'm a firm believer that meetings, a sponsor, and working the 12 steps are the keys to a successful escape from active addiction. Today I am a woman of dignity and honor. All thanks to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, my support system, and of course Emilie House. I have lived here for 3 months now, and I could not feel more at home. I have built friendships that are going to last a lifetime. One day at a time, it's all up to me to make two decisions--to turn my will and life over to God and to not get high. All I get is a daily reprieve. And I'll continue down the righteous path I deserve to be on today. The things I did, the person I was, is not who I am today. I live and let live. My two loving parents attend Al-Anon meetings to better understand what I go through. They believe in me today, because I believe in myself. My sobriety date is 6/1/15. I am a hopeful person and love every second of this thing called life. I have a home group, a sponsor, and I take commitments. Unity, service, and recovery, is what keeps me sane. That is the triangle of hope. That is what my foundation is built upon. Thank you again, Gary and Micki for this wonderful opportunity. To whomever is reading this message, always remember too; God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. We are ALL soldiers.  Who would've thought a 19 year old girl in Levittown, PA would save her life? Well, today it's possible.  And it's possible for you too, if you just believe.


Dear Gary and Micki,

     My experience at Emilie house has been great. It is the main reason I am still sober and want to stay sober. It's very structured and builds my experience with being a responsible adult. Because of Emilie house I love to go to AA meetings and it feels great to be in recovery.

Justin P.

Dear Gary and Mic,

     Thank you for everything you've done for me over the past year. Please believe me when I tell you that your generosity, kindness, and caring spirit does not go unnoticed. I do not know where I would be without you both. Short of my mother, no one has believed in, nor helped me as much as you. When I got to the hospital after my accident, I was feeling really scared. It was so comforting to know that I had people pulling for me. I did not expect you to show up at the ER. I more or less was just hoping you would tell my mother so i would not have to. It meant a lot to me having you there. really, more than you know. It was made clear to me who my true friends are. It was also very clear the amount of damage I did to the people close to me during my addiction. None of my old "friends" came to see me. Besides my mom, everyone who came to visit me was from AA. You have treated me as a member of your family, welcomed me into your home ( and garage) and into your lives. It may not seem like much to you but those gestures and your friendship mean the world to me. I know I can always count on you to be there good or bad and I hope you know the same is true for me. Gary, when I said "I love my life" I truly meant it. My life is so much better than i could have imagined in just a year. Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you. You have both helped to show me a a better way of life than I ever thought I could attain. For whatever reason, you saw something in me that I could not. I don't know how I would or could every repay you. Not can I accurately express the gratitude I have. Though I hope, for my own sake, that I will have many, many more years to try. I wholeheartedly thank you both for being my friends.

Steven B.

Dearest Micki & Gary,

     First and foremost, Thank You! Many moons ago I walked out of the doors of Livengrin with a smile on my face. I had spent 28 days in the most beautiful of atmospheres, with the most kind individuals, and nothing but reassurance that I can beat this disease and begin to make a future I can be proud of. Little did I know that once I stepped out into reality again, reality itself set in. I was driving down the road with my mother, already texting the girl I had met while in Livengrin, looking forward to leaving Philadelphia and moving to be with her 45 minutes away. I was cured!
     The move happened, I was now in a new place, around nothing but strangers, and involved with a woman I hardly knew, life was great! It took about a week before I found myself in the local bar, drinking a beer telling myself I could handle it with no issues. Two weeks later I was arrested, charged with burglary, and once again facing new charges. What happened, what did I do wrong, why me? Little did I know the true journey had yet to begin. I found myself pulling up to Emilie house, bags packed, new charges pending, a family that had pretty much given up on me, and the idea that maybe this was the beginning of the end. Long story short, I believed still that I knew it all, could do this myself, and was stronger than everyone else, I was superman.
     Long story short, I currently have multiples of years under my belt, I am happy joyous and free, and currently pursuing my BA in Psychology so I can begin a career of helping others afflicted with the disease of addiction. My progression in sobriety is due to the caring, considerate, giving, loving, attention and endless support I received while living in Emilie House. I have never forgotten what was taught to me by Gary, Micki, Winky, Scott P., Michael Chiurazzi, Jack Otto and countless other involved in my early recovery. There is no greater place for those in early recovery, or coming back from a relapse. The individuals associated with Emilie house never gave up on me, and I couldn't be more grateful for all that was done to assist in my recovery.
     Thank you, yet again, for all you have done for not only myself but my family. I was clean and sober, by my fathers side, as he passed away peacefully. His greatest wish come true. That wouldn't have happened without the Emilie house! Many years have passed yet my memories still reside deeply rooted in my mind. If it weren't for you all, I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am now.

Michael Carr (Cricket)

Dear Emilie House,

     There are not enough words to express to you how eternally grateful I am. I would have never guessed that I would ever be able to achieve any substantial clean time. When I first came to live at your house, I was a physical, emotional and spiritual mess. With some tough love and a couple days of recuperating I noticed how clean, comfortable and homey the house was. The girls/women were so supportive, friendly, and wanted to help. Even though the house was operated more strictly than most, it gave me a sense of safety and security. At first I was surprised how firm Micki and Gary were. As I grew to know then, I knew it cam from a true place of concern. They do not do this for the money, they are some of the few who truly understand the disease and try to make a difference. The strictness was a tool used as a way to achieve structure. You need structure in the early stages. You have to learn how to live as a sober member of society again. I needed role models and women with time and experience to teach me to live again. Because early recovery is so much of an emotional roller coaster, you need constant reassurance either from sponsors, sober friends or meetings, how to work through the tough days. The simples things could set me off. The comraders at the house was that of tolerance, acceptance and sisterhood. The comfort of always having another women to talk to was refreshing. Micki and Gary and so involved with each individual and their well-being. They would do anything to assist you in your recovery and then some. I was very sad when i had to move from the house. It became a real home to me. Micki and Gary are the most kind-hearted people for all that they do. They don't have to do any of it. They CHOOSE to do all of it. I know they have saved many lives. I am so grateful to you both for giving me a chance to love myself again. You will always be family and I love you both!

Cristen R.

Dear Gary and Micki,

     At the end of March, I had discovered that my son was an addict. This was something I knew nothing about and as a parent, was scared, but determined not to lose my son to a life of drugs. I immediately put him in a rehab for 60 days, and knowing that he did not have the mechanisms to be back in mainstream life, reached out to you for help. Emilie House came highly recommended as being one of the most successful Recovery Residences in the area. I knew that I had to get my son into your program as this was his best chance at staying sober. From the time I called Micki and explained our situation, I felt relieved that he was going to a place where he could get the support he needed. Micki, you were so kind and really listened to me as I poured out my fears to you. When we arrived, Gary and a few other residents were there to meet us, and they were all very supportive. My son was extremely mad that I was taking him there and didn't speak to me for a few days, but Gary told him to give it a week before making any judgements. My son wanted to leave but stayed. My son has grown up a lot in this past year, and most of this has to do with living at Emilie House and attending meetings. I cannot thank you enough for providing this sober living home. There are no words to express my gratitude for what the two of you have done for so many. If your home did not exist, I have no idea where my son would be at this point in his life. You have provided him and others with a safe, drug-free home where they can live a life free of drugs. I'm forever grateful.

Maria S.

To Gary and Micki,

     This is a letter of thanks for all that you have done. Honestly when I left Livengrin I was not in search of a recovery home. I use the term recovery home because that is exactly what you provided. Others may be houses, but yours is a home. Upon entering I had that fear that every new resident encounters. Being that I am African American and in my 40s, I did not know what to expect. When I was first driven to your home I met a couple of younger guys playing video games and I knew that this was not for me. I decided to give it the weekend since I arrived on a Thursday. A couple hours later I was introduced to the house manger at the time, Scott P. and I knew I was not staying long. He was abrasive, and a tough pill to swallow, but he asked me one question that I continue to ask newcomers: "Do you want to get sober?". Naturally I said yes. But did I mean it? One day I wrote down a meeting that I did not attend and was confronted by the whole house. Out of care and concern, they told me that I was only hurting myself. I rebuffed. Then I realized that they actually cared about me and wanted the best for me. Where did they learn this? To look at this group of guys I would have never known that this recovery home was teaching them and me the skills that were needed to be a productive member of the community and society as a whole. The longer I stayed, the more I learned. First just watching, then following their lead. Bring the body and the mind will follow was something that I had heard but did not believe. I realized that I needed to stop questioning these things and just do them; make my bed, cook dinner when it was my turn, do my chores. Not just do these things, but do them with pride. If I said that I was going to do it, then do it with pride, this was my home. A few other rewards materialized as I remained in the home. I was invited over to Gary and Micki's for a barbeque and was surprised with a birthday cake. Later that month I was asked if I wanted to manage the house on Emilie Rd. I accepted what was one of the most rewarding challenges of my life. I remained the manager for 11 months where I tried to pass on what was so freely given to me. The promises, if I work for them, they will and have materialized. Thanks Again.

Bob D.

Dear Friends,

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the kindness showed to me during my stay at Emilie House following my treatment at Livengrin Foundation. I was in search of a living arrangement that would enhance my intensive and general outpatient treatments. Your establishment was recommended by the Aftercare Department at Livengrin. I was a resident of the Woodbine House from June 30 through September 24, 2010. I would like to thank you and your manager for providing a safe, clean and supportive environment for me during my early recovery. I would recommend your service again and again to anyone seeking such accommodations. Again, a sincere thank you and good luck in all your future endeavors.

Jim S.

Dear Gary & Micki,

     It is very difficult to find the words to make both of you realize what you have done for my family, friends, and best of all, me! There are thousands of reasons why, in two days, I will have a year of sobriety under my belt. Not only have the both of you provided the best environment, an amazing roof over my head, but it all comes down to the way both of you actually care. Always making sure I was safe, going to meetings, having rides to and from, and let's not forget Jack. People make the assumption that you're in it for the money, it's a business, etc. Is always calling me making sure I was doing well, having Jack come to the house to spill my guts, or just calling to say hello a business? No, it's realizing that life is very real when you're sober. Wonderful things happen to people when they make the choice to stay sober and I wanted to thank the both of you for showing me that. My parents thank you for giving them their son back. I thank you for helping me save my life.

Pat D.

     I would just like to thank you for all of the help you have given me in the last 5 months. You have really showed me the right way to live a sober life. It's a great feeling to have someone help you, and have faith in you. Once again, thanks for everything

Drew S.

Dear Gary and Micki,

     I really need to let you guys know that I am truly thankful and lucky to have you in my life. You did for me more than anyone ever has. You are like parents and I have nothing but love and respect for the both of you. Understand that. I appreciate and thank God for you guys and all you do for me. You both are very special to me. Thank you.

Winky M.

Gary and Michelle,

     Just wanted to say thank you for your care and concern. I think I would not be alive today if not for your thoughtfulness towards me. Thank you always.

Jack M.

Gary and Micki,

      I just wanted to send a thank you for all that the two of you had done, for helping me and Ron with all that we stumbled on. It just amazes me when people care enough. I would just like to express my appreciation. So thanks again and God bless you for your kindness. I know he will!

Tracy J.

Dear Gary and Micki,

      I can't even tell you how grateful I am that Jimmy had you in his life. You pulled him out of many jams and pointed him in the right direction time and time again. It was so very unfortunate that he couldn't remain on the right path. I know he had a heart of gold and was a great father and husband those years of his life that he was sober. Jimmy and I always looked up to you two. You are perfect role models of what it takes to keep a family matter what! Thank you for your kindness, everlasting support, and generosity towards our family throughout all times.

Tracy S.

Dear Gary and Micki,

      I want to let you know how thankful I am to have met you both. You not only provided me with a clean, healthy environment to recover in, but a way of living beyond any I could have ever imagined. You allow friendships to form and grow into something clean, healthy and beautiful. You helped to instill the confidence and responsibility that it takes to become a man, something I ran from all my life. For these things, I will always be truly grateful. You have helped me to obtain a quality of living, even when I didn't have the desire to continue anymore. The best way that I know of paying you back is to help someone else see life like I do today.

Eddie H.

     My Name is Roberto, and I want to tell you a quick story. Lost in my addiction and alcoholism, I decided to give change a try. In mid-2007, I entered a treatment facility for detoxification and 30 day rehabilitation. I was encouraged to seek out a sober living environment in Levittown and not return back to the slums of Philadelphia. My counselor at the time had referred me to Emilie House Recovery Residence. Initially I was skeptical and nervous to say the least. But I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The day I arrived at Emilie House I noticed the beauty of the home. I was welcomed with open arms from it's residents and from Gary and Micki, the owners. They encouraged me to give this change a chance. I came into this house without employment nor any financial resources. Gary told me "rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path" and that my growth and well-being was a priority. It was a long struggle in finding employment and I went into arrears with my rent. But I never gave up. And neither did Gary nor Micki. They told me as long as they could see me trying, they would support me. I was able to gain employment. The things that Gary and Micki provided were unexplainable. The food was unbelievable, the therapy sessions, facilitated by an accredited counselor, were something that I had never heard of or seen in any sober living environment. The love, comfort, and family atmosphere was an amazing experience. Here I was with a bunch of men, all from different backgrounds, cultures and all walks of life, all with one thing in common, seeking recovery. I came from a totally chaotic environment and Emilie House gave me the opportunity to find myself and put me on the right path. I thank God that Gary and Micki are in service. Today, I'm back in my career as a Psychiatric Therapist at a hosptial in Montgomery County. I no longer live in the house but my experiences live on. I am proud to say that the Kaisingers' are my second family, and I love them for everything they did for me and continue to do for others. Thank you Gary and Micki. May God Bless you in all your endeavors.

Roberto V.

Dear Gary and Micki,

      I would be remiss if i didn't take the time to say thank you very much for assisting me in my goal of sobriety. When you allowed me to stay in your recovery home for eight months I felt welcomed and enjoyed the clean, safe surroundings. The two of you have a place in heaven, as you should, for doing God's work. Many times I have thought about the work you do and the countless people you have helped. I know you genuinely care about alcoholics by the tireless work you do on a daily basis. Many times I have seen you, Gary, early in the morning or late at night checking on your residents to ensure they are doing the right thing. When, at times, I had made a mistake, you treated me very fairly and allowed for a second chance. Because of you both I continue to enjoy my sobriety and will be going back home to my family. I could not have done it without you.

John K.

     I have been wanting to say thanks for letting me come to Emilie House. You guys don't need to change a thing, the last thing I worry about are your houses. They run on love and compassion and a stern hand. Thanks. The men who live here take care or our bit and things run well. Thank you. My daughter and I made you guys a crazy dolphin as a present! Later.

C. A.

Dear Gary and Micki,

     6 months ago, I came out of an inpatient rehab. During my stay there, I made no attempt to change and had no intentions of remaining sober. This was my 3rd inpatient rehab before the age of 18. I was a cocky kid who thought he had all of the answers. I hated the way I was living but lacked the willingness to stay sober. I had been kicked out of high school in 10th grade, went to a juvenile lockup facility and more, yet was not willing to change. Every day had been a living hell for me during my active addiction. I felt like I was ready to die. It took coming to Emilie House to get and remain sober. 3 months into my stay at EH I registered for high school and went back and finished. You helped me with the registration process and stood behind me from day 1. After setting that goal and succeeding, I made another goal. I registered at college and I am now a full time student majoring in accounting and business administration. Attending college defies every statistic and assumption that people had set for me. I just celebrated my 19th birthday and using drugs did not cross my mind once. I am off probation because of how well I am doing. I obtained my drivers license. I have learned to be caring and to remain open-minded to all suggestions. The change I went through has been 180 degrees. Nobody, including myself, had imagined that I'd be at this point of my life at 19 years old. Today I am happy with myself and try to have a positive outlook. All of these things would not have been possible if it wasn't for Emilie House. You provided a beautiful house for me to live in, and taught me morals and values to live by that once seemed pointless. I just want to say thank you for all of the things you did. You welcomed me even though you didn't even know me, taught me how to live, and took me under your wing like one of your own children. I couldn't have asked for more kindness. You have not given up on me even at times I felt like giving up on myself. I am truly grateful to have come to Emilie House.

M. G.

Dear Gary and Micki,

     I am writing to express an overwhelming debt of gratitude that I owe to your organization, Emilie House Sober Living. When I arrived at Emilie House, I was a confused, lost and angry boy, dealing with a lot of issues that I did not have the ability to understand or overcome on my own. Both of you, and many other amazing individuals involved with Emilie House (Winky, Scott, the list goes on) helped me immensely during my first few months of sobriety. I was by no means a perfect person and tested people's patience on many, many occasions, still you never gave up on me. As a result of the personal commitment you both have to running your houses in an extremely structured manner which allows residents (like myself) to grow spiritually and emotionally, obtaining a sturdy foundation to build a new life off of, I am no longer that confused boy that I was when I arrived at your residence. I can now call myself a man and take pride in my ability to live right and help others. Before your opened your home to me, I was living in a constant state of desperation and hopelessness. I had nobody left to depend on and nowhere left to turn until you opened your doors to me. Thanks to the kindness and tough love provided to my by EH, I truly feel that I was saved from many years of suffering and it would not be farfetched to say that I literally owe my life to you. Emilie House taught me that I did not have to life the way I was living anymore and in the beginning having a safe and guaranteed place to lay my head each night was enough to fill me with gratitude. I now have my own apartment and I am able to hold a full-time job. The support and encouragement I received allowed me to go back to college, despite the fact that I had dropped out previously. Since then I have obtained my Associates Degree and am working towards my Bachelors Degree. I even got a scholarship and had an article I wrote published. These are only a few of the rewards that I owe to you. When you guys told me that I would be okay and that things would get better, you sure weren't kidding. I will forever consider all associates of Emilie House to be my family.


Gary and Micki,

     I'm going to start by saying I'm truly forever in your debt for giving me this opportunity to be here. This house has already shown me what true friendships really are. I wake up every morning and all the girls asks me how I slept, if I'm okay,to have a good day at work, and to let them know if I need anything. Not because they want something from me; how much money I have in my wallet. They genuinely care about my well being and as a person want the best for me. And that's not nearly all the gifts recovery has given me. I've learned to live on life's terms and to manage my reality. I've rebuilt my relationships with family members and I can show up for them now and be their for them. I learned how to laugh again. I learned how to love myself again. I learned how to pray again. And I learned that there is so much more to life than the life I was living before recovery. Thank You!

Carly S.