Emilie House Sober Living Environment

     At Emilie House, residents are provided with a clean, safe, comfortable place to live. Furnishings and linens are provided. The only thing new residents need to bring is clothing, toiletries, and the desire to get and stay sober. The cost of meals is included in the weekly rental fee. Residents of the house cook and eat dinner together as a family Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday, each resident is expected to cook his or her own meals. Food is provided in order to do so. The reason there is no "formal" dinner on the weekends is that we encourage our residents to participate in outside activities and events during time off from work. Many residents choose this time to visit family members.

     We "relax" some of the rules on weekends, so residents can get back into mainstream living while residing in a safe and structured environment. Residents must attend all house meetings and must go to at least four outside meetings per week.

     We encourage our residents to stay involved with treatment as well, and many attend an intensive or general outpatient program. Those involved in an intensive or general outpatient program may be able to count some of this time toward their required weekly meetings. All members of the house are encouraged to develop a support network which should include a sponsor and a home group. Each resident is expected to obtain employment within a reasonable period of time. Second and third shifts are not allowed. We have found that this schedule is counter-productive to those in early sobriety.

     Each resident is assigned chores around the house with the goal being the development of the virtues of responsibility and accountability. Residents at Emilie House will never feel over-crowded, as we provide enough personal space for each resident to feel comfortable. A resident manager oversees the daily operations of the house. There is absolutely no drug or alcohol use tolerated at Emilie House. We reserve the right to randomly screen all residents.

     Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for those in early sobriety. By living with others in various stages of their sobriety, newer residents can learn the skills they need to get and stay sober and become productive members of society.